David Beckett

Languages have played a significant role in David’s life since childhood. His mother and father hail from Italy and England; however they chose to raise their two sons in Germany. Growing up in such a unique environment allowed David to become completely fluent in both English and German, as his parents mutually stressed the importance of being entirely bilingual.

While studying at Fonty’s International Business School, David focused on Financial Accounting and English Writing. After acquiring his degrees, he started his freelance career translating with Beckett Translations, while simultaneously working a sales and marketing job at Roch Valley in the UK.

Since working with his father under Beckett translations, David has chosen to specialize in the fields of SEO, finance, marketing, technical and automotive. He has passed native proficiency tests on Proz for both English and German, which has allowed him to translate texts both ways for multiple firms. Some of the major clients he has worked with are Volkwagen, Mercedes, and Boston Consulting Group.

For more info or to request translation services, contact David at contact@beckett-translations.com.

Nigel Beckett

Few translators can say that they have been in the translation industry since disk drives. Nigel however, started his career by picking up texts on hard drives and returning the finished product the same way.

Prior to his career in translation, Nigel attended university in Wales where he studied French and English. Upon completion, he started his career in translating, which he has been dedicated to for the past 30 years. Throughout his career he has pioneered a unique method of translation, given multiple speeches at established universities, and worked with many Fortune 500 companies.

The industries which Nigel specializes in are medical, law, business, and technical. He has worked with multiple high class clients, including Commerzbank AG and Worwag.

For more info or to request translation services, contact Nigel at contact@beckett-translations.com.