Beckett Translation Services

About us

Our Story

We are a UK-based translation agency from London with foreign locations in Canada (Toronto) and Germany. Starting as a freelance translator, David, our owner and translator here at Beckett Translations, has now taken his freelance career to a corporate level and decided to start a translation agency. After a successful start, we now opened locations in Canada, the UK, and in Germany. Our specialists live across the globe so that we ensure quick turnaround times and availbility. 


We help business owners, organisations as well as private individuals find their ideal translator who specialises in their required field

The translator that we select for you will embody the experience, terminology and technical knowledge as well as the native language skills required for your translation needs. Another specialist will then proofread the work in accordance with our 7-Step quality assurance process (insert link). You can find the subject fiels and languages that we offer here (insert link). 

So how can we help you?

We believe that a great translation is more than just a text. The potency of your message is based on the fluency, accuracy and terminology of a written text. Therefore, we ensure that your translation is not on only point, but also fits the tonality and style you are looking for.

Why us?

We have been in the field of translations for over 30 years. As a result, we have been able to build a network of translators for specific fields. Each translator has in-depth knowledge about particular areas and the related technical skills.

 Where we are

We have different locations across the globe, including offices in London, Toronto and Germany. We make sure that you can reach us when you need us. 


What it will cost you

Prices for translations are calculated on a project basis and may vary. However, the more services you add (SEO, Editing, Localization etc.) the more you save on a per word. We thereby ensure that you get the optimal price for your demands.

Our promise

You won’t be disappointed. You get what you deserve and you deserve a top quality translation. We are here for you. Simply send us an email so that we can talk. We are looking forward to
hearing from you.