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Quick Guide to Machine Translation Post Editing

What is Machine Translation Post Editing?

Over the years the quality of machine translations has greatly improved. Some of the largest companies, e.g Microsoft and Google are pouring money and time to continuously develop practical and commercial uses of machine translation. However, nobody has yet produced software or an algorithm that can translate as accurate and skillful as a person. Machine translations are not perfect and lack the capability to correctly translate words with multiple meanings, understand the context, and catch certain nuances and cultural issues. To still be able to leverage technology and make the translation process more efficient, professional translators offer machine translation post-editing as one of their translation services. The rise of the internet and its global reach, globalization and easy travel drives translation agencies to use faster and more cost-effective translation methods. MTPE is a unique solution that bridges the gap between the accuracy of a professional human translator and the speed of computer translations. 

How Can Professional Post-Editing Services Help Your Business? ​

Machine Translation post-editing is a translation strategy best employed when dealing with large quantities of data that is repetitive and would take up a lot of manpower. Machines come in handy when it comes to high volume repetitive text. The machine translation software has built-in translation memory that will recognize repeating text sequels and make sure it is always translated the same way. This feature ensures your documents are translated with perfect consistency. A translator’s effort is then spent where it matters most. Reviewing and editing the draft making sure the translations are accurate. From a business perspective, post-editing can have some very clear advantages. Combining machine and human input can significantly accelerate your translations’ turnaround time. This means a company will have its translated documents more quickly than with human translation alone. Enabling them to immediately progress on tasks or projects that are awaiting those translations. Because post-editing jobs are a lot faster and require less human input, the overall cost for translation services to a business can be reduced significantly. 


Machine Translation Post Editing can be a great way to translate large projects. If you are on a budget and need a project to be translated as quickly as possible, this might be the right fit for you. If you want more of a human tone to your translation, make sure you to check our document translation service.

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