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Upload technical, academic, or business documents.

Translator gets to work

Your document will be translated by a highly trained professional translator who is a native speaker of the target language.

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We carry out review and quality checks to ensure quality and accuracy. Then, once the translation is complete, it is sent to you via email.

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HOW WE CARRY OUT Document Translations?

Human Translation

Our translations are all carried out by our selected network of translators. These linguists are all native speakers in the target language you requested. We always provide our translators with state of the art Computer-Aided-Translation Tools and Software. Everything within our translation process is streamlined to ensure your document translations are 100% accurate and on time.


We are in the process of becoming an international translation agency. Large and small corporations all over the world already trust us with their document translations. With native translators based around the globe, we have the reach, capacity, and experience to deliver language solutions for almost any language pair. 


We understand that you expect high-quality translations. Therefore, every translator we work with is selected based on their translation quality, experience, and technical understanding in the respective subject matter. This ensures that we can provide the highest quality translation services possible. Every translation is carefully proofread by a second native linguist to ensure your translated documents sound fluent and have a natural tone. 


We are a translation agency that is trying to grow. Therefore, we have established a small network of project managers in Canada, Hong Kong and Europe. We are now available 24/7.  This enables to us to get back to your request immediately. Feel free to reach out to us any day of the week at any time.

Experts in the Field

Translations must meet two really important standards. Most importantly, The content needs to be translated correctly. We therefore choose a linguist that is a native speaker in your target language and has vast experience in the subject matter at hand.  We also believe a translated document should not sound translated. That is why, we use sophisticated style guides for each language pairs.  The final step is proofreading. Here, a second linguist objectively proofreads the translation and ensures that those two quality standards are met.

Watch How We Work

Document Translation

We translate documents from a source language to into a target language of your choice. For this, we only use native linguists who possess the necessary technical knowledge of the subject matter at hand. This will ensure that translated documents will have a native-like degree of fluency and correct use of industry-specific terminology.  


We make sure your documents communicate the information to your readers the way you intended it. Our translators double-check the content for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typos. In the next step, the proofreader will then ensure that nothing has been translated incorrectly or omitted. In a final step, the proofreader carries out monolingual review. For this, they check whether the final target document sounds fluent and is easy to read.

Chose a price-plan that suits your translation needs

We offer simple, easy to understand per-word translation pricing. You will know what you pay from the onset of our cooperation an do not need to worry about any hidden fees or charges. 


$ 0.10 Per Source Word
  • Native Translators
  • Lowest Price
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Assigned Project Manager
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Ideal for Emails, Social Media Posts, Internal Translations, Simple Web Content, Reviews, Customer Service Logs


$ 0.13 Per Source Word
  • Expert Native Translators
  • Competetive Pricing
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Assigned Project Manager
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Ideal for Legal Documents, Technical Documents, Websites, SEO translations, Product Information, Instruction Manuals, Marketing Material

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