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French is the second most taught language in the world. The formal language of the United Nations and the official language of 28 countries. There are plenty of markets and opportunities that you can seize. We provide French translation services using our well-established team of professional native translators. We will always make sure that our services give you the tools to reach potential customers in the French-speaking markets.

French Document Translation – Know your target market

In professional document translations from English into French you need to use the right dialect. Because a lot of countries speak French, it has developed a multitude of dialects. Hence, a French translator must be aware of each specific dialect and different nuances. If French translators are not aware of the cultural differences, your readers might take it as an offense. Depending on where they are, a professional French translation could be very different. We are here to ensure that your business never risks its hard-earned reputation.​

French Translations – a task Better left to the professionals

In the world of professional translators, it is impossible to get by with simple word to word translations. Each translation has its own very own and unique terminology. Thus, it is vital for you and your business to work with professional, qualified, native linguists. This will ensure the best quality of all your English to French and French to English translation projects. Keep in mind that a simple translation mistake will put your reputation at risk. Besides, it could result in serious financial losses and even legal actions against you. We guarantee that a native French speaker will handle your translation tasks. On top of that, we will always ensure that your French linguist is a technical expert in the respective field.​

Full Set of French Document Translations

Our team of expert certified translators cover a wide variety of fields. This enables us to deliver native translation services for different documents. Here is a non-exhaustive list of document types we specialize in:​

urgent deadlines and pricing

Do you have documents that need English to French or French to English translations with a quick turnaround time? Here at Beckett Translations, no job is too large. With our network of French linguists around the world, we are always able to keep up with your translation needs. No matter how tight the deadlines are, we can deliver on time. We deliver high-quality French translation services whilst offering the most competitive translation rates. Our transparent and simple per-word pricing model guarantees a fixed price for your translation task. You have documents that need professional French translation services? Looking for an online price quote? Click the button below to get your translation quote today and start your French document translation project with one of the World's leading translation agencies, today!


$ 0.10 Per Source Word
  • Native Translators
  • Lowest Price
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Ideal for Emails, Social Media Posts, Internal Translations, Simple Web Content, Reviews, Customer Service Logs


$ 0.13 Per Source Word
  • Expert Native Translators
  • Competetive Pricing
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Ideal for Legal Documents, Technical Documents, Websites, SEO translations, Product Information, Instruction Manuals, Marketing Material

The Translation Agency that guarantees a Peace of Mind

All our translators go through stringent quality control processes. We understand that when it comes to certain documents deadlines are often tight. But no problem ! We will always deliver your translations on time. Furthermore, we understand that documents are often sensitive. Thus, we are more than willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving your documents. ​

We make sure your documents get people..

Our translators in France take care of that

  • Native Translators only
  • Find a translator who specialises in your field.
  • Find a translator who has the experience and know-how your project deserves.

Our All-round Carefree Services

We offer professional services ranging from typesetting, editing, proofreading and of course translations. We operate in many fields, such as marketing, legal, medical, financial and business documents. Our goal is to help your business reach its full potential. Need a translation? Click the button below and we will get in touch with you in no time.

French Legal Translations

Whether you are facing legal procedures or need help navigating through new jurisdictions, you can count on us to provide 100% accurate translations.
Legal translations from English to French can be a troublesome undertaking. This difficult task needs a deep understanding of the French and English languages. Additionally, it requires experience and qualifications in both legal systems. Depending on the jurisdiction legal terminology and judicial concepts can differ. A simple misinterpretation of legal terminology can lead to financial and legal consequences. To be on the safe side it is advisable to only use experienced expert translators - Our translators offer exactly that. Professional legal translation services that always make sure you stand on the right side of the law.
We understand that legal documents can be highly sensitive. We are more than willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement and guarantee you complete data security before receiving your documents.

Legal Documents We Translate

  • Civil lawsuit
  • Filing Complaint
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Balance Sheets
  • Expert Reports
  • Letters of Intent
  • Distribution and Sales Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Court Releases
  • Articles of Association
  • Other Legal Documents

French Medical Translations

French medical translations cover a variety of different fields and is one of the most complex areas of translation. Medical texts convey technical processes and ideas through very specific terminology. Accurately translating medical texts is vital since certain disciplines within medical documents can be significant to human life. When it comes to medical translations there is no room for error and should always be entrusted to an expert medical translator. This way you can avoid any translation errors that could lead to disastrous consequences in terms of money, legal liability but most importantly regarding safety and health. With us, you entrust your documents to skilled linguists who are specialized in the health care industry. Be assured that with us your medical documents are safe. We are more than willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement and guarantee you complete data security before receiving your documents.

Medical Documents We Translate

  • Test Results
  • Publications
  • Pharmaceutical Regulations
  • Patient Prescription Information
  • Packaging Information
  • Brochures
  • Medical Labels
  • Instructions for Use
  • Research and Study Reports


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