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To expand your business and remain relevant in today’s rapidly growing global marketplace companies will need to localize their products and content. This way their services will resonate with local audiences, increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. A website, software or app cant simply be translated word for word because it wouldn’t have an impact on your target audience. If you want your service or product to be internationally well-received, every region or target market needs to be specifically targeted. With us, the words on your site or in your app will resonate with your target audience while conveying the meaning of the source content. Furthermore, we ensure that the design aspect is transformed in a way that will appeal to your new consumers. Images, Symbols Colors, and even fonts can be a small but crucial part of the overall appeal of your product.

The Localization Process

1. Content Analysis

We examine the content of your website and highlight specific segments that need adaption/localization.


2. Translation of Website Content

Human Translators translate your content in a linguistically AND culturally appropriate way. During this process, our translators will consider the grammar, style, and level of speech to accurately convey your content's message. Your translations reflect your target audiences’ culture, background, and society.

3. Localizing Colors, Symbols and Pictures

Not only is it important to adjust written content to local cultures and norms. We will adjust color schemes, symbols and pictures to the local culture so you convey your message most effectively.

4. Layout Adjustments

Depending on the target language a translation may require more or less space. This can have an impact on your website’s layout and navigation. During this stage of your localization project, we ensure that your website looks and navigates smoothly.

5. Quality Control

Check the final text and format to confirm that the localization did not cause any corruption on your website.

6. Deploy

We deliver the final product to you and always ascertain to attain your approval.

We Offer Quick Turnaround Times For Your Localization Projects

Our team of translators are ready to get to work from the moment you submit your order. Our localization experts are available 24 / 7and will accurately localize your website, app or software. Our usual turnaround time is at the 24-hour mark but varies according to work scope and complexity. Before we start any of your projects we will always let you know the expected delivery date – you will know when you can expect your translations from the onset of our cooperation. Contact one of our account managers to discuss your project in more detail. 

We Localize:

E-Commerce Localization

Subtitle Localization

IOS App Localization

Educational Content Localization

Android App Localization

Software Localization

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