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Here at Beckett Translations, we provide fast and accurate transcription services for a wide range of audio recordings and file formats. Whether you are in need of a transcribed interview, presentation or meeting, we offer just the audio transcription service you need.

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The Process

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Our professional transcriptionists will do what they do best and work on your audio files. Be assured that all transcription work is done by humans and not by machine transcription. Every file will be carefully vetted and approved before it is sent out.

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Your transcriptions are sent to you via E-mail usually within 12 to 24 hours.

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Two Forms Of Transcribing

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Literal Transcription

This type of transcription is also called verbatim transcription and is mostly used for research purposes in which a person’s reaction plays a great role. Here we will literally transcribe everything, including all filler words and even stutters (like uhms and ehms). This way your transcribed document reflects emotions and thought processes more precisely.

Clean Transcription

Clean transcription is the most common form of transcribing. All words are transcribed but the filler words and repetitions are left out. You will have a clean file to work with. This method is most useful if the reaction of the person is not important. Hence a clean transcription can easily be used for articles and thesis work.

Transcription Expertise

We are dedicated to providing high-quality transcription services at the most competitive rates in the industry. We guarantee that our professional linguists transcribe your files with 99% accuracy with quick turnaround time. It is our mission to provide our customers with high-quality work through absolute business transparency, dedication and trust.

Need Your Transcriptions Translated?

We offer professional translation services for most language pairs. Simply let us know your target language(s) and we will send your transcripts in a bilingual or multilingual file.

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